Ski Shoes Offer a Fun Alternative to Cross Country Skis and Snowshoes


altai-hok-skis-skishoeing_4 - 1000 x 1000Ski Shoes, or gliding snowshoes, are a relatively new category in winter sports, blurring the line between cross country skis and snowshoes. Great for exploring the woods or shuffling along trails at local parks, ski shoes offer the touring glide and downhill performance of skis with the maneuverability and grip of snowshoes, thanks to shorter length options and integrated mohair climbing skins instead of fish scales. And like snowshoes, they come with a universal binding option that works with any snow boot or hiking boot (or you can mount a 75mm BC or NNN BC binding). Ski Shoes are super fun and a great addition to your winter gear. For more info and specifications on Ski Shoes see Ski Shoes by Altai and Sporten.

altai-xtrace-universal-bindings_3 - 800 x 1000
Altai Hok Ski Shoe shown with Altai XTrace universal Binding, which works with just about any winter boot. 75mm and NNN BC binding options are also available.
altai-xtrace-universal-bindings_2 - 1000 x 1000
Altai Hok with Altai XTrace Universal bindings in action!