TSL Snow Sleds for Infants, Kids and Adults

Image of the TSL Weez snow sleds by TSL Snowshoes. Available in two models, the Weez 1 for one person and the Weez 2 snow sled that is a two seater.


Image of the TSL Didoo snow sled for infants and wee small toddlers up to 33 lbs.

Now available from the TSL Snowshoe Company is a complete line of all-new snow sleds for all ages. For infants and small toddlers up to 33 lbs there is the TSL Didoo baby snow sled, perfect for pulling around your precious cargo and enjoying their first winter! Very safe design and includes safety harness as well as outriggers that ensure the Didoo sled stays balanced and upright at all times. The TSL Weez snow sleds are available in two designs, the Weez 1 for a single person (ideal for any kids and young adults up to 110 lbs), while the Weez 2 is a larger two seater version that holds up to 220 lbs. The Weez sleds include integrated hand brakes. Two other very popular, value-priced models are the TSL Quicky kid snow sleds and the TSL Slidy snow sleds for adults. These are simple and really fun designs where you simply sit down on the round seat and hold onto the grab handle that extends out from the seat. Then when you arrive at the bottom of the sledding hill, just carry the Quicky or Slidy by the handle for easy transport back up the sled hill again. The Didoo and Weez models feature integrated pull straps located on the front of the sleds. Many different bright and fun colors to choose from in all the models.