MSR Evo Tour Snowshoes

Picture of the go-anywhere / all-terrain category new 2010-2011 MSR Evo Tour snowshoes from MSR Snowshoes, featuring the Unibody Traction frame and SpeedLock binding system.

MSR Snowshoes has released the all new MSR Evo Tour snowshoes in the go-anywhere / all-terrrain category. This model features the classic Unidoby Traction Frame with rail traction blades, horizintal braking bars and Pivot Crampons under foot. But what sets the MSR Evo Tour snowshoes apart from other snow shoes in this category is its revolutionary new SpeedLock binding system, delivering superb ease of use, all day comfort and solid performance. Features a ‘set it and forget it’ design that allows you to simply stick your boot into the toe strap and simply twist slightly (along with the quick adjustment of the rear strap) to securely hold the foot in place. The MSR Evo Tour snowshoes also include the Televator heel riser lift bars  and are compatible with the MSR Evo flotation tails to provide maximum float in deep snow.

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