Introducing Crescent Moon EVA Foam Snowshoes, Poised to Make Snowshoeing More Accessible than Ever


Crescent Moon snowshoes have been making snowshoes for twenty years in Boulder, CO, and they’ve stuck to pretty traditional designs. You can check  out some Crescent Moon snowshoes here.

Now they are introducing an entirely new type of snowshoe, the Crescent Moon EVA Foam snowshoes. Calling it the love child between an Adidas running shoe and a Blizzak Snowtire, the Foam snowshoes feature a soft durometer EVA foam deck, making them super comfortable with a feel like no other snowshoe when walking on packed snow trails.  The bottom half features a traction deck and a firmer EVA for excellent traction in undulating terrain. They are also super lightweight and super maneuverable, and feature a rockered tip and tail for rolling into and out of a stride, making them ideal for snowshoe runners. For a closer look:

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