2012 Atlas 9 Snowshoes / Atlas Elektra 9 Snowshoes Video

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view the Atlas 9 snowshoes / Elektra 9 video

Check out this quick video overview of the women’s 2012 Atlas Elektra 9 snowshoes and men’s 2012 Atlas 9 snow shoes. Available in multiple size lengths (925, 930 for men and 923, 927 for women) and categorized as all-around recreational snowshoes. Features the all-new, proprietary FRS Free Rotating Suspension that harnesses the best of all worlds by rotating enough to shed snow off the back of the snowshoes while still providing a stopping point to prevent annoying shin bang found on many other leading brands that offer full rotating suspension. Other features include 6061 Aluminum V-Frame technology, gender-specific Wrapp bindings, Nytex decking, Tempered Steel All-Trac Toe Crampon and Tempered Steel Tri-Cleat.

2012 Atlas 9 snowshoes video also available for review