2012 Atlas 12 Snowshoes / Atlas Elektra 12 Snowshoes Video

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view the Atlas 12 snowshoes / Elektra 12 video

Check out this movie of the women’s 2012 Atlas Elektra 12 snowshoes and men’s 2012 Atlas 12 snowshoes. Available in multiple size lengths (1225, 1230, 1235 for men and 1223, 1227 for women) and categorized as backcountry snowshoes. Features of the Atlas 12 snowshoes for men and Atlas Elektra 12 snowshoes for women include Reactiv-7075 frame, Spring-Loaded Suspension, Wrapp Pro bindings, Heel Lift bars, Duratek snowshoe decking, Stainless Steel Holey-1 Toe Crampon and Stainless Steel Advanced Aft Traction.

2012 Atlas 12 snowshoes video also available for review