There Was a Turnamic Demo Last Week, and We Turned Up!


The Turnamic (tur-NAM-ic) system, co-developed by Fischer and Rossignol, is a brand new Nordic binding system unveiled this winter that will be available for fall of 2017. The Turnamic binding has a lot of cool features, including tool-free tunability that enables the user to change the performance characteristics of the skis to better suit the terrain, snow conditions, or skier style. We had a chance to demo the Turnamic system at Trapp Family Lodge in Stowe, VT, the perfect place to really put the Turnamic’s tunability to the test. With Fischer Twin Skin skis equipped with Turnamic bindings, we skied to The Cabin, which sits at 2100 feet and requires a good 40 minutes to an hour of climbing to get to. With such a long uphill slog ahead of us, we adjusted the Turnamic bindings to the forward most position for the best possible grip and the difference between the grip at the neutral position, and especially the rear most position, was immediately noticeable. And it only took a few seconds before we started, and it required no tools. If you’ve ever dreamed of the ability to quickly improve your skis’ uphill grip for certain sections and then be able to go back to better glide for the flat sections, this is it!

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Turnamic features seven mounting positions (balance point of ski, three positions ahead of balance point, and three positions behind balance point) enabling the user to tune the ski’s performance characteristics. Best of all, it requires no tools and takes a matter of seconds.
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Up up up. To get to Trapp’s famed Cabin, you have to earn it. No chairlifts here!
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And up. Moving the Turnamic binding to the forward most position enhances the ski’s grip which is exactly what you want for a 40 minute climb.
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We made it!