Q & A Monday: Why is Finding Cross Country Ski Boots for Big Feet Such a Big Feat?


Q: Just wondering about large size x-country ski boots. I have size 16 feet and am having trouble findings boots. Any help would be much appreciated. 

A: Unfortunately, there are not any options for size 16 or larger XC ski boots that I’m aware of. This is because the binding companies–Rottefella (NNN), Rossignol and Fischer (Turnamic), and Salomon (SNS)–only manufacture the outsoles up to size 50, or US 15, and they only make them in the race boot and recreational touring boot categories. Salomon SNS BC and Rottefella NNN BC outsoles, as well as Vibram 75mm BC outsoles, which heavier duty back country boots are built on top of, are only made up to Euro 48 (roughly US size 13.5). Scarpa and Scott, which make 75mm backcountry/telemark plastic shell boots, offer only up to a Mondo size 32 (US size 14). And of the few models of recreational touring boots and race boots that are available up to Euro size 50 or US size 15, quantities are always limited and tend to run out early in the season.

If you wear a thin sock and put in a custom insole with good arch support, you might be able to squeeze a size 16 foot into this recreational touring boot: Alpina T5 Touring boot