Picture of Rossignol BC90 Backcountry Skis in Sierra Nevada Mountains

Photo of T. Moore, a customer with ORS Cross Country Skis Direct, outfitted with his Rossignol BC 90 backcountry touring - telemark skis, Rottefella BC Magnum NNN ski bindings and Black Diamond Traverse ski poles before skiing in the Sierra Nevada mountains of California.

A fun picture contributed by T.Moore, a customer of ORS Cross Country Skis Direct, geared up with the Rossignol BC 90 backcountry touring skis-telemark skis and the Rottefella BC Magnum NNN ski bindings mounted to the skis. He is also using the Black Diamond Traverse ski poles. He says he lives just 40 miles from Kennedy Meadows, California where he has access to all kinds of back country ski touring. Additionally, with the Sierra Nevada mountains nearby he says there are endless possibilities to use his equipment. The Rossignol BC90 skis, with there wide platform, waxless skis bases and full metal edges, are the ideal tool for exploring all kinds of terrain and variable snow conditions found in the remote winter back country. The Rottefella BC Magnum bindings also provide superior stability and control, while also allowing for efficient kick and glide striding when in touring mode. And, of course, the Black Diamond Traverse ski poles are by far the most popular choice for backcountry touring / telemark ski poles. On a funny side note, T. Moore says he ponied up for a real pair of ski pants after this photo was taken.

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