Fischer and Rossignol Team Up to Develop the TURNAMIC Nordic Binding System


The Nordic binding world just got turned on its head with the introduction of Turnamic (tur-NAM-ic), a brand new Nordic binding system co-developed by Fischer and Rossignol. Available in the fall of 2017, the Turnamic system is comprised of four new binding options that slide and lock onto the proprietary IFP plate, as well as a range of racing and touring boot soles. The Turnamic binding is cross compatible with any NNN touring or race boot, but it is  not NIS compatible, Turnamic bindings attach only to IFP plates, which are mounted exclusively to Fischer and Rossignol skis.

What makes Turnamic so special? First of all, ease of use. Turnamic bindings mount to the IFP plate without tools and with much less resistance than NIS bindings. Entry and exit is done with a quick 45 degree turn of a lever located at the toe of the binding. Turnamic bindings are also performance tunable, with seven mounting positions (ski’s balance point and three positions ahead and three behind balance point) to optimize specific performance characteristics: move the binding forward for better grip and move it back for better glide. This adjustment is also tool free and the heel piece moves with the toe piece, so no additional adjustment of the heel piece is required.

Here is a closer look with more details and features!

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