Q & A Monday: Can you wax waxless skis and sharpen the edges around the fish scales?


Q: I have a pair of Madshus Annums, which I bought from you and like to use at the resorts.  Is there any way to tune the edges without completely ruining the fish scales? And even though they are waxless, can wax be applied to make them go faster?

A: It isn’t easy to effectively sharpen the base edges where the fish scales are, but you can certainly sharpen the base edges along the tips and tails, and the entire side edges of the skis, which will make a big difference. Here is a combo base and side file that is easy to use and  will do wonders to your Annums. Swix 2 x 2 Edger

As far as wax for your waxless skis, it sounds crazy, but waxless skis need wax! The name “waxless” is a bit of a misnomer, but waxless means that because of the fish scales, you don’t need use kick wax for grip, but you can always wax for glide and to prevent snow from sticking when its warmer out. A great wax for waxless skis is Swix Easy Glide wax. Apply a fresh coat from tip to tail (yes, over the fish scales too) before each outing to improve your glide (go faster) and to prevent sticky snow from clumping and stopping you in your tracks. Swix Easy Glide is also good for protecting the bases from oxidation during long, non-sue periods, such as over the summer. Keep in mind when using waxless skis at resorts, you’ll hear and feel the buzz of the fish scales on the groomers, but it doesn’t affect the performance in any way.

Swix Easy Glide is wax for waxless skis. Rub a coat on the base of the entire length of the skis, let dry, buff with a brush or rag to strengthen the bond to the ski’s base, and you’ll have better glide and sticky snow won’t stick!